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  • Transfer files between pc to pc or mobile to pc instantly.
  • Open on two device(laptop/pc/mobile).
  • Enter ID of remote deive and connect.
  • Upload/Transfer files instantly.
  • Files are not stored on server.
  • For high speed transfer use mobile HotSpot or Local LAN/WiFi.
  • Transfer Speed up to 100Mbps depends on your network speed.(Not on the internet speed)
  • It will not consume your mobile data, If both devicess are in same network.
  • No need of installation of any App, Just open on two devices.
  • Highly secure.

What is TransferNow?

TransferMyFile is a secure platform to send and share your photos, videos, music, as well as your personal and professional documents.

File transfered using this platform are not sent to server or stored on server, All file sharing is done device to device in a secure way.

TransferMyFile uses your local network or shortest path to transfer files in fastest speed. Also in most cases it will not use your mobile data when both devices are connected to same WiFi Network.

One solution for all your devices

TransferMyFile works on latest web technologies, It works without any installation right in your web browser on all platforms Linux, MAC, Windows and Android, iOS. TransferMyFile is available on all your devices: laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Send and share small and medium files quickly in just a few clicks.

How to transfer files from mobile to PC or PC to mobile?

Step 1:

Open on both the devices (pc and mobile).

Enter the mobile ID shown on website in the desktop site and click connect. After connection both devices will show green connected.

Step 2:

Click on bottom upload button to upload files, Once the connection is establied you can send files in both direction.
On reciving end you will see download button for file, once the 100% file transfer complete click on download button to download the transfed file.

Do you look at my files?

No, we don't read what you send, All file sharing process is done inside the web browser locally. As the data is not sent to server, we can't see what you are sending or no other person can see it as it uses SSL and encryption. Transfered file data is temporarily stored in you computer RAM once you close or refresh the web browser all data will get deleted.

Is my personal information sold?

We neither sell nor do we share the contact information of our users to third parties.

Is my data safe?

We personally ensure the safety and privacy of the files you upload. To guarantee your data stays complete and private, we use the SSL/TLS protocol (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) for all transfers between devices.

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